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Customer Feedback Management. It pays to listen!

“How can you get a wealth of information on customer satisfaction/preferences, and how can you use this powerful information effectively to maintain close relations with your customers and improve x-selling?” That is what customer feedback management is about. Metatude offers a complete solution for managing customer feedback processes, collecting the right data at the right time intelligently.

Metatude is an end-to-end e-survey solution integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate performance management (CPM/BI). How does it work?

  1. Interface directly with company databases. Metatude links into all existing customer databases. These operational source systems contain data on customers. From the link-up, Metatude looks “live” in the selected sections of the databases.
  2. Target group management. Based on certain attributes, target groups are defined, for instance customers who have bought product X and need to be questioned three weeks after the purchase.
  3. Gauging customer satisfaction is handled automatically. The execution of projects is completely computer-automated and a unique survey is presented to the right person at the right time. The survey is generated via a personal e-mail with an encrypted link.
  4. Continuous research or triggered by events. The programmed projects are one-off, periodic with random sample surveys, or triggered by certain dynamic data (when events occur) such as a sales drive, a service that has been provided, or a complaint.
  5. Results accessible for BI and CPM software. Metatude ensures that all responses are made available in a form that can be handled by any management reporting software (from Excel to Business Intelligence software).
  6. Enriching customer profiles in your own company and CRM databases. Response information is entered into the original customer database by way of an addition or update. The source databases are improved/expanded by adding important data in this way, such as (the degree of) customer satisfaction, possible purchases and new profile information. From CRM, it is then possible to define specifically focused campaigns.

Customer satisfaction comes full circle with Metatude. As a result of the loop that Metatude creates, companies are able to fully concentrate their efforts on customer satisfaction. And in the process, they don’t “lose” information that is important to customer relation management and x-selling (cross, up and down). Metatude not only connects with CRM to automatically gauge customer satisfaction, it also returns survey results to your own CRM databases to improve and update customer profiles.


  • Metatude runs on virtually all platforms and can be linked to database systems (Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft and Open Source) without requiring middleware (patented).
  • Metatude can be linked with all BI software and scorecard systems for data feeds.
  • Metatude is also perfect for HR and IT customer satisfaction surveys (How satisfied are your employees? How well is IT doing in the eyes of the user community?) by linking “live” with databases used for HR and IT service management.
Why Metatude?
Main advantages of Metatude are:
  • An end-to-end solution; from creating target groups to output for reporting tools.
  • A secure way for confidential research via e-mail.
  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Smart response algorithms to manage projects.
  • Output ready results; from Excel to statistical tools and business intelligence platforms.
  • Deployable in almost every existing infrastructure.
  • For Internet and intranet use.
  • Ready for other electronic channels like mobile internet.
The technology
Metatude is based on the standards that underlie Internet and Web services. Metatude’s Java based server-applications are multi-platform, multi-language, multi-database and multi-web server. This makes the Metatude system a true enterprise solution.

License and service model
The software can be licensed or leased. With partners Metatude offers measurement methods and services for IT satisfaction, HR scans and customer feedback.

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